Equity Policy


New Forest Volleyball supports the principle of equal opportunities for all participants, member, representatives and staff/officers whilst working for, or on behalf of the New Forest Volleyball . It opposes all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination on the grounds of age, colour, race nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, sexuality, HIV status, or unrelated criminal convictions, or disability.


The aim of this policy is to:


  • Ensure that all present and potential members /staff/officers of New Forest Volleyball receive fair treatment
  • Ensure that there is open access for all those who wish to participate in the sport and that they are treated fairly.


New Forest Volleyball will:


  • Promote equality of opportunity to its members/staff/officers. It will monitor the implementation of this policy and keep members/staff/officers informed of its impact.
  • Ensure that the policy is effectively communicated and that proper training and guidance is given to ensure that all members and staff/officers fully understand their responsibilities as set out both in the policy and the legislation. In this it will take account of the:
  • Race Relations Act 1976
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975,1986 & 1999
  • Equal Pay Act 1970
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • Human Rights Act 2000
  • All members/staff/officers have a responsibility to observe this policy and to ensure that equality of opportunity is continuously provided for, in all New Forest Volleyball’s activities.
  • Reserve the right to discipline any of its members/staff/officers who practice any form of discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, colour, race nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, sexuality (in respect of gay men and lesbians) HIV status, or unrelated criminal convictions, or disability.


Types of Discrimination:


Discrimination can take the following forms:


Direct discrimination is defined as treating a person less favourably than others are or would be treated in the same or similar circumstances.


Indirect discrimination occurs when a requirement or condition is applied which, whether intentional or not, adversely affects a considerably larger proportion of people of one race, sex or marital status than another and cannot be justified on grounds other than race, sex or marital status.


New Forest Volleyball regards discrimination, as described above, as gross misconduct, and any employee, participant or volunteer who discriminates against any other person will be liable to appropriate disciplinary action.


Harassment or Intimidation


New Forest Volleyball will not tolerate harassment or Intimidation of an Individual. Where a complaint of such harassment or intimidation is lodged it will be dealt with promptly in accordance with the harassment policy and procedures.


Harassment can be described as inappropriate actions, behaviour, comments or physical contact that is objectionable or causes offence to the recipient. It may be of a sexual or racial nature or it may be directed towards people because of their age, sexuality or some other characteristic


Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures


To safeguard individuals rights under the policy, anyone, employee or member who believes that he / she has suffered inequitable treatment within the scope of the policy may raise the matter through the usual New Forest Volleyball disciplinary procedure.


Individual actions not compatible with this policy should be reported immediately to a New Forest Volleyball representative at that event or the club committee who will investigate the matter fully in accordance with New Forest Volleyball’s disciplinary procedures.


New Forest Volleyball is concerned that individuals should feel able to raise any grievance and no one will be penalised for doing so unless the complaint is untrue and not made in good faith


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