The Club believes:


  • that it’s policy decisions and expectations of conduct are fair and reasonable.
  • that it’s policies and procedure cannot cover every eventually of discipline issues
  • that both members involve in making an allegation and those having an accusation made against them are entitled to a fair and open process.


The Club:


  • is therefore committed to a robust response in respect of discipline accusations.
  • has implemented a discipline process to implement this policy.
  • is duty bound by its Articles of Association, and reserves the power under Article 30 to terminate membership.
  • and it’s members are duty bound by the regulations of the English Volleyball Association (Volleyball England) & the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball
  • in implementing this policy, the club’s board of directors has agreed the following procedure in investigating and responding to allegations.


1. A member who wishes to lodge a complaint against other individual(s) must do so in writing addressed to the Club Chairman, or should the complaint relate to the Club Chairman, another member of the Club’s Executive. Any executive member or other team may also refer matters directly.


2. On receiving the complaint, the Chairman should request that three other executive members (who have the least personal involvement with the person(s) who the complaint relates) start a discipline team. In the event of a safeguarding accusation, either the Safeguarding Officer or another (who has undertaken suitable training) should be a member of the team.


3. By convention, the executive member who has the least personal involvement with the person(s) to whom the complaint relates should be appointed chair.


4. The discipline team may undertake its business as it sees fit in line with the Club’s Articles of Association. It is free to investigate and undertake sanctions against individual(s) involved. The team has the right to question any club member, and has the right to expect a honest and truthful response.


Sanctions taken can include (but are not limited to) fines, levies, removal from a staff post, suspension and ultimately termination of membership of the club. The individual(s) involved in the process must be notified in writing, within 7 days of the sub-committees final decision. The decision is implemented immediately. Members who refuse to abide by the decision(s) of the discipline team will have their membership terminated forthwith.


5. An appeal of the sub-committees decision can be made to the executive board; the person(s) appealing the decision must notify the club chairman within 21 days of receiving the final decision including the reasons for an appeal. The executive board, in the event that a suspension has already been served or the sanction determined is negligible, may refuse to hear an appeal.


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