The vision of the New Forest Volleyball  (NFV) is to compete at the highest level whilst developing youth.  We accomplish our goals by providing our communities with opportunities to participate across all ages bands.  We provide our players with the best possible coaching, incorporating both physical and psychological aspects of the game, in the best possible environment and facilities.


The NFV began with a handful of talented juniors and seniors in April 2008 and has now flourished, today attracting many players from across the southern counties.  NFV has both a men’s and ladies team competing in the National Volleyball League and also many regional indoor & outdoor tournaments.


Please take some time to visit our pages on the top menu to find out more about NFV.  If you want to join us, then why not come down to one of our training sessions and introduce yourself.





    Our Mission


    “Volleyball in a fun, sustainable and open environment that fosters competitive talent and social sport within a family ethos”





    Pricing Policy


    The club does not have any paid officers; it merely make charges to it’s members to meet it’s own expenditure, and to develop the club over in the medium & long terms. In the future, it is expected that Volleyball England will introduce individual membership of the association for playing members which will be funded after a review of the club membership fees. The club finance committee considers hardship cases on a case by case basis, taking in consideration both the viability of the club as a business entity (albeit a non-profit one) and the underlying principles of sport for all.


    In line with the association, club membership is for the year 1st August – 31st July. The club considers it’s fees to be fair, reasonable and in-line with what can be expected for competing in similar competitions with other clubs. Additionally, to be fair to all members, the club has implemented certain methods of collection and management of funds for ensuring cash flow.


    Junior Academies – Priestlands


    • Our Junior Academies at Priestlands pay a flat rate of £15.00 for membership of the club, and then £15.00 per term at Priestlands.


    SADVA (Local League)


    • £5.00 per night played; irrespective of the number of games played on each night for those who are not in the Junior Academics or NVL Teams, who do not pay for SADVA.


    National Volleyball League (NVL)


    • Members are charged £360.00 per year in subscriptions, in addition to the £30.00 NVL Registration fee charged by Volleyball England. The £320.00 is to be split into eight monthly payments of £40.00 payable from August of the NVL year by credit/debit card or direct debit only. All playing members pay a membership fee of £30.00 per year (set in the Summer prior to each membership year).



    New Forest Volleyball will abide by the Volleyball England Child Protection Policy.


    The Club believes:


    • That the safety and welfare of children should always be of paramount importance, whatever the circumstances.
    • That everyone with a role in working with children has a moral and arguably a legal responsibility to safeguard and promote a child’s welfare particularly when it comes to protecting children from abuse.
    • That special care is needed in dealing with children whose age, inexperience or physical state makes them particularly vulnerable to abuse.


    The Club:


    • Has therefore adopted this Safeguarding to ensure that the welfare and safety of children in their care or custody is always the primary consideration.
    • Has therefore adopted this Safeguarding to ensure that is committed to providing an environment where children can learn about, participate in and enjoy volleyball free from harassment or abuse.
    • Will undertake Safer Recruitment and undertake Disclosure & Baring Service checks on all those who work with children.
    • Has resolved to have a Safeguarding Team, which shall be chaired by the Safeguarding Officer and two others who have undertaken specific training for the role (currently defined as the SportsCoach UK Safeguarding in Sport Course)


    The Policy is predicated on the following four principles:


    • A child’s welfare is the paramount consideration.
    • A child, regardless of age, ability, gender, racial origin, religious belief and sexual orientation has a right to be protected from abuse.
    • The rights, dignity and worth of a child should always be respected.
    • The Children Act 1989 (as amended by The Children Act 2004) states that anyone who is involved in the care of children should “do what is reasonable in the circumstances for the purpose of safeguarding or promoting the child’s welfare”.


    The Safeguarding Officer is Lucy Parvin.


    Approved at the Annual General Meeting of the New Forest Volleyball on the 9th June 2011. More specific guidance and policy documentation is available from Volleyball England.


    Governing Document


    As a company limited by guarantee, New Forest & Lymington Volleyball’s primary governing document is the Articles of Association, the current version of which was adopted in October 2013 by resolution. The document outlines the roles and responsibilities of members, and the responsibilities of the directors of the company.


    Download Articles of Association