28/9 0:16 amazing training session tonight with our ladies - cant wait for the next one!
27/9 7:16 Great training session from the men last night, tonight its the ladies! #ForestFamily
26/9 20:00 Were pleased to announce Ben Courcha has accepted the post of SADVA Captain :-)
22/9 17:02 Ladies Head Coach @kemp_ie says: Possibly one of my toughest days ever Volleyball Coaching

Happy Christmas for NFLV

We wish you our friends and partners a happy christmas a prosperous 2014

We have merged with Lymington Volleyball

Welcome to New Forest & Lymington Volleyball


We return to SADVA

Join us at Brockenhurst..



ALT makes instant impact!

Since joining the coaching staff this season, Alex Lusby-Taylor has made a real impact on the club! Alex has joined Head Coach James Kemp in coaching the National League Ladies squad and taken on the Team Managers role with the National League Men’s squad. Since these appointments, Alex has been instrumental in bringing new faces to the club and co-ordinating training sessions. Everyone at the club would like to show their gratitude to Alex for his superb efforts so far this season! #GreenArmy